Connect your shop to the №1 instalment club in the UK
What you will get
Bigger purchases
We help increase our clients Average Order Value.
Instant money
We cover both technically and financially the instalment process with our clients.
More clients
We encourage 300 000 clients to purchase more goods with Finangel at partner shops.
No headache
Forget about integration. We only require your Terminal ID and Merchant ID.
How it works
A partner receives a full payment for the purchases right away and pays Finangel a fee at the end of the month
What we cover
  • capital cost
  • bad debt
  • scoring
  • debt collection
We charge a 6% fee for every clients purchase
Achieve higher results together
average order value
customer retention
£5 mln
Finangel marketing budget 2019
300 000+ customer club
We are targeting a young, modern and mobile-centric UK audience, mostly ladies 22-42 years old, that buy multiple items at our partner stores with instalment card and have an average order value of £250 or more.
Age group:
Why clients choose instalments
Cutting edge
Providing instalments is a global solution that helps split payments in equal parts at a 0% interest rate.
An average instalment transaction reaches an amount of £300-400, which exceeds an average regular payment with a debit or credit card.
It has already started to conquer the world and is considered to be a favourite tool among the customers.
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The services are provided by Decta Limited, registered in UK under 09926210.
Decta Limited is a licensed by the FCA UK financial institution, License No. 900592.
Loans for SplitPay are provided by Finangel ltd (UK), registration #11624045
The technical platform is provided by Finangel Ltd, Republic of Cyprus, Registration #389099