Money should be free.
This is our mission.

We are committing ourselves to create a new form of financial relations between people, banks and businesses.
We believe that modern banking is broken and we have set out on a different path to rebuild it. It’ll be more than just a bank — a business model that serves as an example of how money can be used and lent in the new era.
We are gathering people who share our view that aggressive credit is destroying people’s lives and that wealth imbalance should be stopped and reversed with a new financial model.
We are assembling the team of super committed experts in AI, programming and finance to share our hard, but fulfilling journey for making money FREE.
Our goal is to set up a thriving digital bank with no conflict of INTEREST. It’s founded on 0% interest on loans and credit. We welcome everyone, rich or poor who want to help us in our mission and join our community.
“Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come.”Victor Hugo
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The services are provided by Decta Limited, registered in UK under 09926210.
Decta Limited is a licensed by the FCA UK financial institution, License No. 900592.
Loans for SplitPay are provided by Finangel ltd (UK), registration #11624045
The technical platform is provided by Finangel Ltd, Republic of Cyprus, Registration #389099