Bank and trust
Is my money protected?Decta Limited, as your money holder, is fully licensed and EMI regulated by the FCA.How do you make money as a business?Although our first goal is to rid money FREE of interest, we are building a business, in order to scale and promote the model of FREE money. So we make money from each transaction from merchant partners.What if I don't need a split payment service? How can Finangel be useful to me?We are making a great retail banking app and you can benefit from all of it: spend your money everywhere with MasterCard, enjoy a highly-convenient app for tracking, sending and receiving money, issuing virtual cards, getting fast in-chat support and more!
Split payments
How can I get the free split payments money? Right after issuing your first Finangel card you will be able to see if you are eligible for the split payments limit.How is the split payments limit calculated?Your split payments limit is calculated through 2 major parameters:
  • your credit score
  • your split payment history within Finangel (the more diligent you are, the larger your limit)
What happens if I can not pay back the debt?Your public and private Financial score will be damaged, Finangel gives you 3 months to get back on track with your payouts. After that we will use local Legal partners to deal with the legal actions.
How many ATM withdrawals can I make?You can withdraw any amount, but £200 is free from fees and 1% above, min £1.9 in UK/EU, 2% (min £2.5) outside of UK/EUHow to top up my account?You can top up your account using your banking cards such as Visa or Mastercard.How do I send money to another account?You can send money to other Finangel users. We are going to launch IBAN transfers within Q2 2019.
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The services are provided by Decta Limited, registered in UK under 09926210.
Decta Limited is a licensed by the FCA UK financial institution, License No. 900592.
The technical platform is provided by Finangel Ltd, Republic of Cyprus, Registration #389099